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Office is the latest version of the Microsoft office suite. This is the version purchased by users who have recently renewed their license and the one that all Office subscribers have. However, there are times when the latest versions of Office can give us problems and, therefore, we need to resort to an older version of it like Office , or And, although all these versions are still supported, they are sometimes quite complicated to download.

At least officially. The versions of Office have a much more extended support than that of Windows. For example, the version of this office suite will continue to receive updates until October , and the version until Of course, Microsoft cannot remove software that still has support from the network.

Therefore, although it is difficult to find them, it is still possible to download the installers of these old versions, as long as we keep a copy of the original product key. Microsoft has a page from which it will allow us to download the previous versions of Office to install them on Windows From the following link we will be able to access the versions of the office suite for Windows and the version for macOS. The Microsoft website will validate the Office license and, if true, will allow us to choose the language and download the Office or installer in case of macOS to our computer.

Once the installer is downloaded, we will simply run it and follow it until we install this version of the Microsoft office suite on our computer. Unlike the version, the and versions were linked to our Microsoft Account. Therefore, it is much easier and faster to download these versions to install them on both Windows and macOS.

For this, what we must do is access the following link in our Microsoft Account. We will choose the language and the version 32 or 64 bits and download the installer to our computer. Once downloaded, we will only have to install it on the PC. As it is linked to our Microsoft Account, it will be activated automatically. The default installer is an online installer, that is, it will download the latest available version.

But, if we prefer, we can also download an offline installer to install the office suite on several computers at the same time. These versions no longer have any support from Microsoft. Therefore, it is impossible to find and download official installers. If in your day we save the CDs or the installers of these versions we can install it from them.

We can also risk downloading these old versions of Office from third-party websites, although we run the risk of downloading a version with malware that could compromise our PC. Besides being doing something illegal. Contents Download Office Download Office or How to download versions and earlier. Microsoft Office Windows.



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Microsoft office is a version of Microsoft Office for Microsoft windows. It was first released on April 15, Microsoft is said to be the successor to Office and predecessor to Office There are a lot of interesting features in Microsoft including extended file support, One Drive, etc. This current Microsoft office feature contains a lot of interesting qualities including user interface, backstage view, file tab, pasting options gallery, ribbon improvements, etc.

The artistic effects of Microsoft Office graphics include Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word, along with a variety of artistic effects. Many smart improvements have been observed in this Microsoft office version. Cracked MS office means that it is an illegal copy of Microsoft office that provides no revenue to the company or the developer. A cracked Microsoft Office works the same as a licensed software, however, there is no technical support to get it fixed. There is a lot of chance of it being affected by bugs, and since no technical support is provided, it can be a prolonged situation.

The question of a cracked Microsoft Office software being safe or not is basic common sense, because it is distributed by thieves and hackers in the first place. So there is no guarantee that the software that they provide you with is not equipped with any virus or bug that can affect your device and damage or steal its data.

Moreover, buying a cracked software can be charged with criminal act and you and your seller can both be prosecuted. A lot of people buy or look for cracked Microsoft Office how to install the software due to being short of money.

So the solution to that is using an open source clone of Microsoft Office free download. You may download it for free from its developer. It is a much safer option and contains no risk of virus or malware to affect your device. People crack Microsoft office software by using reverse engineering the algorithm that is most often used by people to generate a serial number that is required to enter when you first use the software.

These people steal those serial numbers from the manufacturer of the computer who is licensed to sell the software preinstalled in their device. So to explain it in clear words, it is not at all safe and completely illegal to get a cracked version of MS Office software. Microsoft Office While a lot of countries charge people to illegally upload the files on torrent, there has been no comment regarding them for installing the files from torrent, especially when that files are of Microsoft Office software.

Although, it is pretty clear that it is illegal to download MS office from torrent, because Microsoft has its own website to download the software from along with technical support and another legalities that illegally downloaded versions do not contain.

So to avoid this risk in the first place, it is safer and more prudent to download it legally from its official website. Microsoft Windows is a huge family and has a lot of its versions in devices and software. Some of the versions of Microsoft is mentioned below:. Latest Sports, Tech and Health news. Contact us: [email protected]. CC Discovery. Monday, July 5, About Us.

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