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Sometimes after uninstalling older versions of Microsoft Office some registry keys are left behind. This causes Spiceworks to think that those older versions of Office are still installed, even though the actual program files are all removed. You can follow the steps here to clean up those old registry keys so Spiceworks can get a proper inventory of the software on the machine. You can severely damage a machine if an incorrect edit is made.

You can also enter the “regedit” command into a Command Prompt to open up the editor. Underneath this key you will see various version numbers, each corresponding to different versions of Office. They are microsoft office 2010 registry complete removal tool free follows:. Underneath each of the version number keys you should see a “Registration” dree. Depending on how many Office products you have installed Visio, Project, etc.

Each of these hashed keys should have a microsoft office 2010 registry complete removal tool free underneath it called “ProductName”. You can use this value to correctly determine which hashed key is related to the product you want to remove.

Once you have located the correct hashed registry key, delete it. As mentioned above, though, make sure you completee a good backup before doing this! Once you have performed the steps above run a scan on microsoft office 2010 registry complete removal tool free device by either running a full network scan or a rescan underneath the Tools section of the device. Once the scan is complete you should see that the long deleted Office products are now gone from your Spiceworks Inventory. Thank you so much!

Finally someone narrowed down which keys to delete! I could only recommend a general registry cleaner to others having this issue. Thank you for this! I’ve started doing Office upgrades on our workstation, and it was driving me crazy that my Spiceworks inventory showed multiple versions привожу ссылку on a machine when there clearly was not.

Scan Device. Thanx a lot! Nirsoft has a free tool to retrieve the Office keys from your domain: Produkey. It has a command-line option to ” Home Software Microsoft Office How-tos.

Remove Leftover Office Registry Keys. James B Spiceworks. Last Updated: Jul 11, 2 Minute Read. Reply Facebook Twitter Reddit LinkedIn. James Barnett. Main Areas of Contribution:. Track Progress. Earn Credits. Step 2: Locate the Office Registry Key. They are as follows: Step 3: Locate the Corresponding Registration Key. Step 4: Delete the Hashed Key.

I hope this helps! Marciab Nov 15, at pm. Ghost Registru. Kellanved Nov 15, at pm. JustRob Nov 15, at pm. Brian Steingraber Nov 15, at pm. Office is really bad about removing these keys so this is a all too common task for me! John Nov 16, at am. Craig Manske Apr 24, at am. Paolo May 17, at am.

L Frew 20, at pm. Dvir IT Nov 4, at pm. It didn’t do it for me a first. Until now Pure Capsaicin. Davison Nov 14, ogfice pm. Nice one, just saw this and it is a good guide for a common issue people have. Angus S-F Feb 28, at pm. Read these next



Remove Leftover Office Registry Keys – MS Office – Spiceworks – Uninstall Office for your installation type

Method 3: Uninstall microsoft источник via System Restore. Any image, link, or discussion of nudity.


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